MyWay Genetics is a Innovative StartUp  in the Biotech sector. MWG developed a unique working model based on Personalized Medicine concept. Its added value stands in the multidisciplinary team with highly specialized  competencies and DNA sequencing technical background applied to predisposition to cancer, cardiovascular and rare diseases. Multidisciplinary skills, constant research and automation, allow high productivity with cost containment, efficiency of response and interpretation of data.


Translate the output of the frontline genetic research in to viable and useful new products. A powerful vision to find concrete answers that improve the quality of life of people, in an open dialogue with all the stake-holders of the life-science sector.


Founders: Davide Bossi (CEO), Valentina Favalli (HEAD OF PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT), Elisabetta Forciniti (CUSTOMER  EXCELLENCE DIRECTOR)

Our team is part of our added value: a multidisciplinary and highly qualified one that implements a unique model with integrated different skills, technology and process automation. To develop the inner part of our project INNOGRAFT, we collaborated with biologists, biotechnologists, bioinformatics, economists, experts in marketing, IP protection and regulatory consultants.